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Our lotteries displayed on the site are totally different from the standard ones, in which you buy a ticket with numbers picked by you and wait for the day of the draw to see if you’re lucky or not.

The big difference is that we put products in the lottery, in which registered users can participate by placing an order with a minimum amount displayed for each product. Tickets for the lottery are chosen at random by our system and issued in electronic format by email. Also, the picked numbers are stored in our system together with the buyer’s data. So you don’t have to worry that you lost a ticket or it was stolen. Our system stored the tickets and their rightful owner. You just have to be careful not to give your account credentials to anyone. Even so, the tickets already issued cannot be exchanged with other identification data.

Each product displayed on the Lottery page, has a minimum amount with which you will have to participate for the draw. Each product has a limited number of tickets allocated for each user and a limit of time.
You can participate in the lottery only if you have participated in the time allotted to that lottery.

Please note that we do not distribute tickets in paper format. For more information, visit the Terms and Conditions page

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